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Boat Certification, Wales, North West and Ireland

kl-side-imageBoat Certification is CEproof Wales, North West and Ireland's comprehensive vessel certification service. We offer a range of services for private boat owners and buyers, commercial builders and importers, either on a large or a small scale. 
Whether you're a private boat owner, buyer, commercial builder or importer, it's very likely that you'll need to obtain legal certification at some stage. A private buyer may need a one-off tonnage survey for part one registration or finance purposes; a commercial boat-builder or importer will require CE marking of new vessels before they can be sold; and a boat owner who hires out his vessel to paying guests must obtain MCA coding.
Boat Certification is among the few marine survey companies who can offer all these services individually or in combination. This will help to keep your costs down, and ease the co-ordination of different procedures so that you can start operating your boat - or your business - legally and safely. 
Whatever your requirements, they are likely to be unique to you as an individual or a company. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you save time, money, and possibly a great deal of worry!

CE Marking

CE_MarkIf you're importing recreational craft, or building them for sale, they may well need to be CE marked as proof of compliance with the Recreational Craft Directive. Our CE marking service encompasses everything from testing to generation of all the documentation and notified body certificates. We're able to handle the CE marking of any type of vessel. Should you have the skills to undertake the task yourself, then we can supply the software and necessary back up.

MCA Coding

Small vessels operating commercially under the British Flag or in British waters must comply with the Merchant Shipping Regulations or an MCA Code of Practice. We are authorised to carry out all the necessary MCA Code of Practice examinations and stability assessments.

Latest News

CEproof will be exhibiting at the Seawork show to be held in Southampton on 12th to 14th June 2007. We will be showing our award winning CE-Pro Professional RCD Software, our RCD Consultancy Service and our Sonic Boom Sound Test Equipment.