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Sonic Boom Sound Testing 

Swordsman_40_being_tested_at_36_knots1CEproof Wales & North West Ltd, Recreational Craft Directive consultans and suppliers of CE-Pro professional software for RCD Compliance, now have another tool to help boat builders meet the requirements of the 2003-44-EC Directive.

The Sonic Boom™® has been invented by the company to make the process of sound testing semi-displacement and planning craft under 24m simple and cost effective.

The Sonic Boom™® consists of an inflatable boom that is 25m long with Type 1 approved sound measuring equipment mounted in a waterproof box at one end. To test a boat it is simply a case of the 


helmsman making a few port and starboard passes at the other end of the boom whilst the sound equipment is continually recording the results. It can be used free floating or anchored, on inland or coastal water and takes just minutes to inflate. A second craft and crew is not required, so costs and down time are far less.

The Sonic Boom™®, whilst undergoing trials in Southampton water, was inspected by Notified Body HPi. Terry Egginton of 



HPi commented "When used by a competent person the Sonic Boom will provide accurate and reliable results that we are happy to except."Sonic_Boom_Swordsman_40_300dpi1

Craig Morris, & Ian Curtis, inventors of the Sonic Boom™®, have confirmed that CEproof offices in strategic locations across Europe have ordered the Boom and will be able to carry out sound testing in various European countries.

The cost per boat tested, including the 



Notified Body fee, will be £750.00 + VAT for a single boat, £650 + VAT per boat to test two boats and £600 per boat + VAT for three or more

boats tested at the same location on the same day.

The Sonic Boom™® is a simple to use and accurate method of ensuring that your boat meets the requirements of ISO Standard 14509. The system does not rely on sophisticated electronics and ensures that the craft being tested is the correct distance away from the sound measuring equipment.


Sonic BoomTM® is available to boat builders, and surveyors offering compliance testing services in certain locations, to purchase. The cost of the full kit, including Boom, Type 1 Sound Test Equipment and Calibrator, Anemometer, Inflation Pump and Bag is £4495.00 + VAT ex works Martham, Norfolk.